We have taken a bold step and changed our name to Creative Gloo (oh yes, double 'o').

Have a look around our new website - it showcases some of our work and gives information about what we do and our new creative services.


Take a look behind the scenes... We have also added some frequently asked questions.


We wanted our site to be simplistic, contemporary, elegant and intuitive with clean lines, a structured layout and a consistent look and feel.


We hope you like our new site!

We love all things creative... so why not connect with us and share our passion, say hello or stay up to date on anything that's happening at Creative Gloo and in the creative space.


You can find us on the interwebs:

We’ve rebranded ourselves!

We're opening a new chapter in our story. We started Simplicity in 2006 and we felt it was time to breathe new life into our brand. So we have made a few changes... Don't panic, we're still around, and you will still get our good old customer service with a smile!


We feel we're different from a lot of 'traditional' web design companies... We think it is important to be able to help you with everything from establishing your online strategy to designing your website and promoting it - and this is where the 'glooing' it all together bit comes in.


We don't just design websites - we craft online experiences.

What's in the name? 'creative' - we feel it better reflects our range of creative services, our creative approach and our creative way of thinking. 'gloo' - we love connecting the dots and 'glue' (or as we call it 'gloo') it all together.

A new name

A new website

A new place to connect

If you fancy meeting for a coffee, get in touch.

Yes, we've got a new name, logo and a new website! Fun, colourful, creative - yet keeping it simple. Why overcomplicate something and take the fun out of it?

But what's the same is our passion, creative thinking hats, commitment and our love of what we do!

A look behind the scenes, find us on Instagram